• Kenya Forestry Headquarters Kisumu
  • KEMSA Renovation
  • Miseru Apartments
  • Miseru apartments electrical
  • Miseru apartment bathroom
  • Miseru apartment bathrooms
  • Miseru apartment bathroom
  • Miseru apartments completed
  • Miseru apartments final
  • Miseru apartments wardrobes
  • Sabaki Maisonnettes construction
  • Sabaki Maisonnettes
  • angular slider
  • Sabaki Maisonnettes Completed
Kenya Forestry Headquarters Kisumu1 KEMSA Renovation2 Miseru Apartments3 Miseru apartments electrical4 Miseru apartment bathroom5 Miseru apartment bathrooms6 Miseru apartment bathroom7 Miseru apartments completed8 Miseru apartments final9 Miseru apartments wardrobes10 Sabaki Maisonnettes construction11 Sabaki Maisonnettes12 Sabaki Maisonnettes13 Sabaki Maisonnettes Completed14
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Dapalk Consortium Limited Company is an indigenously owned, Kenyan firm of General Contraction, Project Management and Consultancy, operating in East Africa countries; whose main objective is to become a leading Consortium company of Contractors and Consultants in the whole of Africa and world at large.

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