Dapalk Consortium Limited Company is capable of constructing both residential and commercial developments.

We undertake building renovation and repair works. We currently have several running contracts for building and maintenance services.

We have qualified electricians for electrical services.

Dapalk's roots are in road construction. We've constructed and maintained thousands of kilometers of roadway across East Africa, from access-roads to national highways. We provide expertise in grading, aggregate production, granular base course placement, paving and bridge construction and steel structures.

We have qualified plumbers for plumbing and drainage services.

We have completed civil works in several Safaricom BTS sites and Celtel Kenya countrywide and these have been accomplished according to set specifications and within the agreed schedule. In this area we are able to: Survey and Design; do all the ground works; install shelters and electrical security fences.

We are also involved in supply all types of building materials.